Members Insurance

$20 million Public liability insurance is applied to all members regardless of age, which provides legal liability in the event of a third party being injured or property being damaged which occurs as a result of a member in an AMA sanctioned event.

Participating in any AMA sanctioned event, requires agreeance to the Participation Terms and Conditions for AMA Events. The AMA's optional Personal Accident (PA) insurance does not provide private health gap cover, nor a weekly benefit to cover any loss of income you might experience as a result of an accident or incident whilst participating in an AMA sanctioned event.

The use of motor vehicles/ vessels can be dangerous and may involve injury or death. You participate at your own risk knowing full well you could be seriously injured or worse. It is not the responsibility of the AMA, nor organisers to check if you have adequate PA insurance cover.

Members are advised not to rely upon the basic accident insurance as the sole means of injury insurance cover. All members should consider taking out an appropriate level of accident and ambulance cover to cover any losses or expenses incurred as a result of participating in an AMA event.

To obtain a quote for more appropriate Personal Accident (PA) cover please complete the PA Proposal Form and forward to the AMA insurance broker at Motorcyclists please note, it is not unusual to be quoted $4,000 to $5,000 and upwards for appropriate yearly PA cover.

Table of optional AMA Basic Cover:

Insured Persons: Members of the AMA

Operative Time: Only whilst driving/riding at official AMA events


Sums Insured

Exclusions and Conditions

Accidental Death:

AUD 5,000

As per Policy Wording, plus:

  • Minimum Age limit is 16.
  • Maximum Age limit 65
  • Coverage in respect of acceptance of option is only whilst driving/riding at official AMA events
  • Subject to insured persons being fit and healthy at inception
  • Coverage now includes freestyling and jumping on bikes for over 16's
  • Subject to appropriate safety equipment being worn for the event as per regulations
  • In respect of Permanent Total Disablement the waiting period shall be 12 months
  • Disablement is to be from any and every occupation
  • Full Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusion Clause applies
  • Plan to be chosen at the beginning of each member’s membership. Not to be changed for different events. Can be changed annually upon renewal of membership/ policy renewal.

Permanent Total Disability arising from an Accident

AUD 25,000

Definition of Personal Total Disablement is:

irrecoverable disablement arising from Accidental Bodily injury which permanently and totally incapacitates the Insured Person from attending to any business or occupation for which they are reasonably suited by training, education or experience and which lasts for a continuous period of twelve months and at the end of that period is beyond hope of improvement.